BluePlanner is a best-in-class Revenue Management platform, supporting Sales Planning, Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Analytics, and Optimization (TPO).

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BluePlanner enables processes built around centralized information with workflows between responsible departments. BluePlanner gives key account managers maximum visibility on the performance of their individual accounts, while also consolidating information for Sales Management, Finance, Marketing, or Supply Chain.

Clients optimize their trade spend through promotional evaluation, cost control, and post event analysis. By building a history of sales and promotional data, BluePlanner is used by decision makers to deliver insight-driven decisions.

Device Agnostic.

Sales & Account Planning

The BluePlanner planning module provides Key Account Managers with the capability to build, track and monitor their customer plans including baseline, promotional volumes, pricing, promotional investment and trade terms.

BluePlanner ensures ongoing visibility of the Customer P&L with the possibility to flexibly compare actual financial results against budget and forecast to avoid overspends and to ensure that corrective actions can be promptly implemented to achieve commercial targets.

Workflows, alerts and flexible reporting support visibility and collaboration both with internal support functions and with retailers.

BluePlanner has revolutionized the collaboration between Sales, Supply Chain and Finance. It has become an integral part of our working lives, providing up-to-date information with meaningful outputs.

Paul Westerfield, Trading Controller

Demand Planning

BluePlanner has made the planning process between our brokers and RSM’s very effective. At any one time we can determine our volume and spend rates by customer.

BM, Regional Sales Manager

BluePlanner plays an integral part in the Sales & Operations process, providing sales forecasts to demand planning and facilitating communication through workflows, alerts, and reports.

In addition, BluePlanner can interface with demand planning systems to automate the process around accommodation for incremental demand due to promotions.

Trade Promotion Management

Consumer goods manufacturers spend upward of 25% of revenue on trade promotions each year. Ensuring the proper level of visibility to support added value analysis and making better investment decisions is therefore a key operational challenge and a strategic priority for all Consumer-Packaged goods (CPG) / FMCG players.

BluePlanner is designed to evaluate, track and monitor trade spend to address the above challenges and support top line growth through efficiency and effectiveness of promotional activities.

BluePlanner covers the entire lifecycle of promotions including: evaluation of promotional ROI “before the fact”, integration into demand planning forecasts, accruals transfer to accounting, payment reconciliation and, finally, post-activity analysis to inform the next round of planning.

Flexible workflows, authorizations, to-do lists and email alerts ensure that the proper governance is established around Trade Spend along with cross functional collaboration and visibility.



BluePlanner’s Analytics module offers top-down Business Intelligence reporting to aid strategic decision making.

Analytics reports consolidate various data sources including point-of-sale data in addition to BluePlanner data. The data is presented in easy-to-understand dashboards, drill-down reports and charts, which allow the in-depth analysis of sales and trade promotions.

Typical reports include drill-down forecast and sales analysis in addition to top line consolidated views, such as “health-check” dashboards.

Promotional reports allow analysts examine uplifts, tactics, and ROI to identify the underlying trends behind under and over-performing promotions.

BluePlanner is a fantastic tool that allows you to view your promotional calendar with your broker’s and identify promotional events that show a less than desirable outcome, thus allowing us to communicate with the retailer in making adjustments to the promotion, making it a more desirable promotion for both the company and the retailer.

HK, Sales Broker

Trade Promotion Optimization

Trade Promotion Optimization is the iterative process of making better strategic decisions by synthesizing actionable insights from historical promotions.

Promotional levers such as features, displays, discount levels, BOGOs, price multiples, and competitive pricing / promotions all impact sales to varying degrees across products and retailers. Understanding performance drivers is further complicated by external factors such as marketing activity, macroeconomic trends, and seasonality to name a few. A focus on rigorous modeling is the key to quantifying true performance drivers, which establishes a solid foundation to inform a winning strategy.

BluePlanner addresses the key functional needs of a manufacturer in the CPG arena… from customer distribution, to forecasting, to financials, to promotional activity and deduction management.

Hannah King, Sales Broker

UpClear has partnered with Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) to provide best-in-class modeling capabilities and ensure BluePlanner can serve clients with an integrated platform for TPM and TPO.

MSA specializes in putting data to work by performing rigorous, transparent modeling to determine and quantify impact of sales drivers. BluePlanner TPO leverages these model outputs to provide predictive analytics. This enables marketing and trade managers to gain visibility and answer key questions such as:


Given our current trade/marketing plan, how much sales can we expect to deliver?


If we change one or more trade/marketing levers, what is the predicted impact of that change?


Given a certain budget or change to our current budget, how can we best allocate it across various trade/marketing levers to maximize profit while maintaining volume?

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