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promotions calculator

Requirements to Calculate ROI on Your Promotions

To see our latest thoughts on calculating ROI on your promotions, see our series, starting with: How to Calculate Promotional ROI – Start With 5 …

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data management & analytics

Data Management and Analytics in the New Normal

What to do when you can no longer “trust your gut”?  The recent paradigms shift driven by COVID 19 has further increased Consumer Goods Brands focus on their ability to …

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TPM in Southeast Asia: Understanding and Winning Across a Diverse Set of Markets

Retail Environments across the Asia-Pacific Region  The level of cultural and economic diversity across major markets in what many multinationals call the “APAC” or Asia …

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2021 Year-End Review

2021 has certainly been quite a year across a few fronts. We have, like all other businesses, teams and individuals, adjusted to the new normal of …

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How do you keep up with deductions & why you need more than a reason code

In CPG, a short payment is a customer paying you less than the invoice price because, they contend, you owe them money.  Deductions are the transactions on the customer’s remittance that …

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