Supporting Growth Through TPM with a Picnic Favorite, La Terra Fina

Summer is in full swing, and we have our latest client feature piece, focusing on La Terra Fina. As we are able to finally reconnect in person, we are packing for picnics, barbecues and festivities. Of course we have an array of spreads on the table, and dishes to share. La Terra Fina is a leading brand with tasty dips and spreads that are delicious on their own or to lend flavor to other dishes as well as quiches to bake and bring to the table. From classic flavors such as Quiche Lorraine, or everything but the bagel dip to variations such as pineapple habanero or vanilla cheesecake for a sweet finish, there is something to share and satisfy everyone all summer long and beyond.  

History of La Terra Fina

La Terra Fina was founded in 1983 with the goal of great food to share, as good food is the center of any get together. Based in California, they are an agile team that grows through their values of teamwork, continuous improvement, quality, enthusiasm and innovation. Amongst other brands, La Terra Fina has positioned themselves as a premium clean label of products with strong innovation.  

La Terra Fina and TPM

Let’s go back in time to 2018 when La Terra Fina and UpClear first started conversations. La Terra Fina had continued to grow and was at the stage where a trade promotion management solution was necessary. A shortlist of four vendors was identified with the selection process ending with UpClear. UpClear’s BluePlanner was selected due to the key values of ease of use, functionality, and the ability to customize the solution to fit La Terra Fina’s unique needs.  

Trade marketing and promotion planning has consistently contributed to La Terra Fina’s continued growth. They have been able to evaluate promotional effectiveness across customers and classes of trade. UpClear’s BluePlanner has supported these initiatives by providing the ability to rollover funds from prior years, execute full year rollups, visibility to real time trade spend, and by adding internal forecast numbers into BluePlanner seamlessly. With core TPM goals for La Terra Fina in 2021 of staying as current as possible on trade spend, being able to evaluate promotions, and to see how trade spend relates to prior years, UpClear’s BluePlanner will support La Terra Fina’s continued growth.  

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