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Everything typically starts in spreadsheets, shared drives, and email for sales planning and trade spend management. This works…until it doesn’t. It is a rite of passage that every successful brand has had to overcome. Solving this challenge is a distracting but necessary part of growth. For many Consumer Goods manufacturers, this is what sparks the search for a TPM solution or platform. Teams need a system that manages the complex structure of sales plans, promotions, and deductions. They also need to ensure collaboration between:

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Resources will include articles, periodic events on other content related to trade management. We’ll be examining different parts of the Consumer Goods business processes, the challenges that develop in spreadsheet/shared drive/email management, and what how sales, accounting, finance, and supply chain teams at brands like the ones listed below overcome them.
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These resources should especially be helpful for leaders in Finance and Sales as well as to the executive teams at consumer goods brands that are focused on achieving national distribution and revenue growth to the hundreds of millions per year.

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