Join us Friday, June 18th for ClearTalk Live

How TPM works with ERP (in 20 minutes) 

Friday, June 18  2021 1pm East / 10am West 

Who this is for  

Direct: Emerging Brand Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) Sales Leaders, Sales Operations/Planning, Trade Marketing, IT 

Adjacent: Finance/Accounting, Demand Planning  


Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is a tool for CPG HQ Sales/Trade Marketing, & Field Sales with connections to Finance/Accounting and Demand Planning.  In the field, TPM supports account planning, execution and settlement processes.  At HQ, TPM helps manage account teams & control spending.  Furthermore, it helps accounting settle deductions, and provides inputs to Finance and Demand Planning for the financial accrual and volume forecasts, respectively. 

TPM needs “fuel”: customers, products, prices, shipments, & deductions are a few examples.  This fuel can come from Quickbooks and/or be manually assembled.  But if an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has been installed, it is usually the source of this data.   

In this ClearTalk Live, we will explore the relationship between TPM & ERP.    

What you’ll learn 

  • Data inputs needed by TPM systems 
  • Data outputs from TPM and how they can be used in ERP 
  • Methods of exchanging data with TPM 
  • What goes into creating the connection