Consumer Goods Accounting teams use BluePlanner to validate, categorize, and analyze deductions and payments by reconciling them to promotional offers made to customers or non-planned expense categories.

BluePlanner is designed to help companies manage their trade promotion processes from creating and managing promotions to tracking and verifying deductions claimed by retailers. In a consumer goods company, an accounting department will use BluePlanner to validate deductions or payments by reconciling them to promotional offers made to retailers or non-planned expense categories.

BluePlanner streamlines the deduction management process by automating data integration and adding structure and workflow to the process.  This increases speed, reduces manual errors and provides data analytics to assist in decision-making.

BluePlanner supports collaboration across departments like sales and accounting, finance, and demand planning, enabling better alignment on customer business activities and improving overall cross-functional communication.

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Trade Promotion Management

Supports annual planning, execution, and analysis of accounts.

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