Demand Planning

BluePlanner helps streamline volume forecasting by providing a clear overview of bottom-up customer forecasts & historical sales data.  It aids in organizing and analyzing promotions and produces reports for optimizing future forecasts.

"We send our forecast (Demand Planning) to BluePlanner so Sales can see it and we import the sales forecast created by sales in BluePlanner.  It's really helpful."

As a member of the demand planning department in a consumer goods company, one of the key responsibilities is to forecast sales volume accurately. BluePlanner helps streamline this process by providing a clear overview of bottom-up customer forecasts & historical sales data.  It aids in organizing and analyzing promotions and produces reports for optimizing future forecasts.

Data analytics from BluePlanner can be used to identify specific products that are more in demand during a particular season, geographic location, or customer group. By analyzing this data, demand planners can adjust their forecasts to better match the target customers, thereby increasing the chances of a successful promotion, which ultimately leads to increased sales volume.

Additionally, BluePlanner can help demand planners collaborate with sales and marketing teams. The system’s automated workflows allow for smarter planning and decision-making, improving communication between departments and different levels of management.  This is critical in ensuring that all parties are aware of upcoming promotions and anticipated volume forecasts.

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Use Cases for Demand Planning

Forecasting Shipments

Features for Demand Planning

Category analyses

Category analyses

Promotion analysis

Promotion analysis

IBP forecast

Separate, dedicated forecast interface and metric. Does not change bottom-up TPM forecast.

Integrated “Starting Point”

Integrated “Starting Point” and reference metrics

Spreadsheet-like copy/paste

Spreadsheet-like copy, add and multiply functionality

Automatic spreading

Automatic spreading of high-level entries to lower levels of customer, product, and time dimensions

Automatic rollup

Automatic rollup of low-level entries to higher levels


Export to spreadsheet and/or schedule database extracts

Near real-time

Near real-time templated, operational reporting with personal report customization and saving

Specialized dashboard

Specialized dashboard visualizations and reports



Dashboard Analytics

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