IBP: Helping Sales Teams in S&OP 

Challenges Creating Sales Team’s Input to S&OP  Something we hear about consistently is the adoption of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) in which the sales team provides an input to the consensus forecast.  We also heard that adoption of this process added new tasks for their teams, and new tools… usually spreadsheets.  These spreadsheets require creation […]

TPM & the Full Trade Spend Suite

What is TPM, TPO, IBP, and RGM?  Like any growing business, there are growing pains, and certain points where the shift to a tech solution becomes imperative. Every consumer goods’ brand has seen different points of the sale process become more difficult with growth, especially managing promotions, trade spend, and deductions. These take up more […]

UpClear’s BluePlanner Selected by Ripple Foods

Ripple Foods is a California-based maker of plant-based dairy alternatives. The company, which produces delicious dairy-free Milks, Protein Shakes, Half & Half, and Frozen Desserts, initiated a TPM search in April 2021 after identifying a need for a robust system to support planning and deduction management. They selected UpClear’s BluePlanner TPM (Trade Promotion Management).     “After a […]

UpClear Adds Bissell Homecare as New Client

UpClear is pleased to announce Bissell Homecare as our newest client in the United States. We welcome a leading brand of home care and cleaning solutions and look forward to supporting their growth through trade promotion, integrated business planning, as well as key analytics and insights to optimize trade spend.   Bissell Homecare has been driving innovation to deliver cleaner homes for 140 […]

What to Expect from a Well-Run Sales Planning & Trade Management Process

This session from the April 2021 virtual LEAD Marketing Conference outlines the expectations that participants should have of their sales/promotion planning and trade spending management processes. Rajeev Prabhakar and Kurt Kaiser of UpClear explain the benefits to sales, marketing, finance, and demand planning functions, and strategies for improvement if these expectations are not being met.  CPGmatters is […]

Trade Promotion Management for Emerging Brands

trade promotion management software

What is TPM & How does it Help Emerging Brands To many, Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is tool used by sales teams in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.  But if you strip away the tool, TPM is actually just good business practices that are used in the work done by sales teams and adjacent […]

What you lose tracking promotions with Excel

If you are a small, growing brand, chances are you are using Excel to track promotions. You probably have a shared drive set up to store important documents, like contracts. There are email strings for approval and conversations about price points and allowances. When a brand is starting up, it works. But if your business has grown to a point where you have added salespeople/brokers and you have distribution with national retailers and distributors, the money you are spending on pricing and promotions is growing, margin is eroding, and questions are coming. What was once a single spreadsheet you could […]

Cannibalization-Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

An Introduction to Promotional Cannibalization This is Part 2 of UpClear’s Series on Promotional ROI and Optimizing Trade Spend. In the first blog, we looked at the 5 key building blocks to calculating your ROI. In future posts, we will discuss areas such as why to promote at all and how to drive promotional effectiveness. […]