TPM Helps Determine the Trade Accrual

What is the Trade “Accrual?”  The generally accepted accounting principle (GAAP) of “periodicity” states that “entries should be distributed across the appropriate periods of time.” In the Consumer Goods industry this gets tricky because transactions take place at many different times. The “appropriate period of time” is often different than the transaction date. The goal is […]

Data Management and Analytics in the New Normal

data management & analytics

What to do when you can no longer “trust your gut”?  The recent paradigms shift driven by COVID 19 has further increased Consumer Goods Brands focus on their ability to access data towards better decisions around commercial strategy and the wider Revenue Management approach.  Key trends observed across retail and consumer landscape  Assortment Rationalization -> retailers have revised their category management approach to simplify assortments, become […]

Timing for TPM: Fast Setup for Quick Wins

Consumer goods companies adopt Trade Promotion Management (TPM) because they need better, faster visibility into business performance, greater control of trade funds, and more efficient execution of the process- from planning to deduction reconciliation.  Often, the goal is to start using TPM when planning for a new year starts.  However, competing priorities, and/or the preconception […]

The Trade Spending Tidal Wave & How Pros Ride it  

The money you spend on promotions -trade spending – is like the kind of tidal wave that big wave surfers search for.  These waves start out small but grow into monsters as conditions change in an environment that is conducive to chaos.    If you haven’t ridden the wave yet, this article will help you understand […]

TPM in Southeast Asia: Understanding and Winning Across a Diverse Set of Markets

Retail Environments across the Asia-Pacific Region  The level of cultural and economic diversity across major markets in what many multinationals call the “APAC” or Asia Pacific region is extremely high. Consider some of the key APAC markets such as South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, China, Japan, and Korea, across relevant dimensions for Trade Promotion […]

TPM & the Full Trade Spend Suite

What is TPM, TPO, IBP, and RGM?  Like any growing business, there are growing pains, and certain points where the shift to a tech solution becomes imperative. Every consumer goods’ brand has seen different points of the sale process become more difficult with growth, especially managing promotions, trade spend, and deductions. These take up more […]

Annual Planning: Kicking Off the Promotional Lifecycle

Consumer Goods brands are approaching or already in their busiest time of year: annual planning. UpClear hosted a discussion around this critical and often (unnecessarily) stressful time within the promotional lifecycle with two growing brands: Crystal Farms Dairy and Valio USA. Both brands leverage the TPM platform, BluePlanner, and throughout the discussion highlighted unique points where the software solution has benefitted their organization.    Please […]

Promotional ROI Part 2: Why It’s Important & How to Use It

Why Promotional ROI Matters?  Knowing the ROI of an individual promotion is a step in the right direction, but your goal should be to have a ROI metric across promotions.  If calculated consistently, you will have a way to assess the relative benefit of promotions across products and customers.  This, combined with an understanding of […]

Promotional ROI Part 1: Definitions & Formulas

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers spend massive amounts of money on the pricing and promotion of fast-moving product categories (e.g. food, beverages, household, and personal care products) in retail channels.  This money is called “Trade Spending.” Money is exchanged between the manufacturer and its customers- retailers and distributors- for product placement, everyday retail price subsidization, promotion discounts, advertising, and display space.    In highly-competitive categories, trade spending can equal a value of […]

The Importance of Trade Promotion for Dairy

UpClear’s Feature in Dairy Foods Blog UpClear’s Director of Customer Success, Americas, Rajeev Prabhakar was featured in Dairy Foods Magazine. Please see the blog below and the link to the article: Leaders in the dairy industry are increasingly more aware of how competition has grown, with brands spending hundreds of millions of dollars for […]

UpClear’s BluePlanner Selected by Ripple Foods

Ripple Foods is a California-based maker of plant-based dairy alternatives. The company, which produces delicious dairy-free Milks, Protein Shakes, Half & Half, and Frozen Desserts, initiated a TPM search in April 2021 after identifying a need for a robust system to support planning and deduction management. They selected UpClear’s BluePlanner TPM (Trade Promotion Management).     “After a […]

How to Keep Up with Deductions

…and Why you Need More than a Reason Code In Consumer Goods (CG), a short payment is a customer paying you less than the invoice price because, they contend, you owe them money.  Deductions are the transactions on the customer’s remittance that make up the difference between invoiced amounts and what they pay…and they are one of the most complex processes that Consumer Goods companies have to manage.  Customers deduct for everything […]