Emerging Brands

Reference Annual Revenue Range:  Up to $100M*

When we work with Emerging Brands, we observe a few common dynamics:

  • Your product(s) have developed a following! Sales velocity has supported expanding distribution within existing customers.
  • Your distribution expands to additional customers- both direct retailers and distributors and indirect retailers
  • The quantity of promotions (and deductions) grows substantially

These brands have fast growing sales and even faster growing trade spending.  They face new challenges that are complicated because manually-maintained spreadsheets and other information sources lack structure and control:

  • Quickly understanding business performance & future plans
  • Providing input to building the right production capacity
  • Managing distributors and indirect retailers
  • Making sure deductions are valid
  • Understanding spending/expenses that are a massive portion of the P&L


Trade Promotion Management, or TPM, is a type of business system built for the sales process in fast moving Consumer Goods.  BluePlanner TPM is UpClear’s contribution to this software category.  Here are a few BluePlanner features that are difference makers for Emerging Brands:

  • Standardized promotion planning with built-in approval process
  • Consolidated volume & spending forecasts
  • Deduction management module
  • Push-button reporting


BluePlanner TPM adds structure and control to managing promotions, forecasting sales and spending, and validating and clearing deductions.  Our “Editions” provide the right capabilities for today, and the ability to grow into more sophisticated features as your needs change.


*Don’t get too attached to this figure… company dynamics and needs vary due to many factors

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Trade Promotion Management

Supports annual planning, execution, and analysis of accounts.

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Use Cases for Emerging Brands

Managing Customer Business Plans & Approvals

Forecasting Shipments

Paying Bills and Managing Deductions

Controlling Trade Spending

Forecasting the Trade Spending Accrual

Facilitating Monthly Business Review Meetings

Monitoring Business Initiatives

Features for Emerging Brands

Customer data integration

Integration of customers, products, prices, shipments, and deductions from ERP via uploads, SFTP, or Integration Platform

POS & distributor data integration

Integration of point of sale data from syndicated data providers and retailers and/or distributor data via uploads, SFTP, or Integration Platform

Promotion analysis

Promotion analysis

Planning Module

Promotion Module

Payments Module


Workflow Approvals

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