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Your brand is not just recognized within your local supermarkets, but around the world. Advertisements for your product run in multiple languages, and already there is another (set of) market(s) on the horizon. While the most successful and most likely the original market, is an established, well-oiled, and optimized machine, there is now the new challenge of expanding that process into markets with new teams, different processes, and varied promotions. 

What is needed is a common system that can extend across multiple markets that each have their own unique leadership, processes, and distribution. With a focus on expansion, each team needs the support of an experienced rollout and deployment that focuses on hands-on training, and custom integrations. There is no question that this is a complex system, and a product that has supported the needs of a multi-market rollout is the goal for short and long-term success.

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Resources will include articles, periodic events on other content related to trade management. We’ll be examining different parts of the Consumer Goods business processes, the challenges that develop in spreadsheet/shared drive/email management, and what how sales, accounting, finance, and supply chain teams at brands like the ones listed below overcome them.

These resources should especially be helpful for leaders in Finance and Sales as well as to the executive teams at consumer goods brands that are focused on achieving national distribution and revenue growth to the hundreds of millions per year.

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