The Promotional Lifecyle: Planning

Planning promotions is a critical part of any category of food & beverage or a consumer goods brand. Focusing on the promotional planning lifecycle for Dairy, UpClear, leading TPM platform discusses the best practices on planning with regional dairy brands. We have Chris Schleper, Director of Business Development for Crystal Farms joining us as well as Mark Conway, the Senior Marketing Manager for Valio USA, Inc. with UpClear’s Director of Customer Success, Rajeev Prabhakar. 

Details for the Live Webinar 

Date & Time: October 7th at 1pm EST 

Time: 40 minutes 

Rajeev Prabhakar  – Director of Client Services, Americas, UpClear 

Chris Schleper – Director of Business Development, Crystal Farms 
Mark Conway – Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Valio USA 

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