Tips for Moving a Technology System from Local to Global

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Bill Little (Consumer Goods Technology): Thierry, you are here because of the work youare doing with your clients abroad. Why is this an important event for you?

Thierry Soudee (UpClear): Thank you, Bill. This Emerging Markets forum is a great platform to exchange best practices across different markets and learn from other companies that have had successes everywhere and exchange.

Bill Little: Absolutely. One of the challenges that we hear a lot about is deploying to SME’sacross different markets. Every market is a little different. So, how is it possible to balance global governance with local input? How do you define standards across markets that are vastly different?

Thierry Soudee: Consumer goods companies need to equip their emerging markets with software, and this needs to happen fast. Now, they don’t want to end up with 50 different systems and 50 different technology partners globally. Defining standards is essential. Butthinking that you could take a system that has been successful in the US and deploy it globally has been a dream… Each market is different. Each market is evolving rapidly. And there is the cost issue as well. You need to find enterprise software that can be deployed fast, and that can adapt and grow with the evolving markets. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model provides more flexibility with that. SaaS can be deployed quickly, it can be supported remotely, and the framework can be adjusted to work for different markets.It tends to be the best solution for emerging markets.

Bill Little: Interesting. SaaS has been big here domestically. Another area that is also a big issue domestically and that you guys are experts in is the Trade Promotion space that has been and continues to be an issue that we’re struggling to tackle over here. How is itdifferent in the emerging markets from what you’re seeing in the US?

Thierry Soudee: We do work in emerging markets as well as mature markets. Trade spend exists and is a challenge in all markets.  Of course, the different maturity in the way they look at that spend requires adjustments. The first thing you want to do in emerging marketsis to establish financial control on trade spend, then progressively move to planning, thenanalysis, and finally, predictive modeling and optimization. To be able to deploy globalstandards, you need systems that can adjust and provide those different layers at different times.

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