UpClear Hosts Successful Client Focus Group

On October 9th – 10th, 2014, UpClear hosted a US client focus group event in Las Vegas, USA, with the very appropriate theme: “Don’t Gamble With Your Trade Spend”. The event featured presentations by UpClear, best practices workshops, as well as social and networking opportunities for several of our clients and partners.

UpClear’s presentations focused on sharing the roadmap for future BluePlanner developments. We also discussed Point-Of-Sale data integration and analysis, improved functionality in managing indirect customers, and demonstrated BluePlanner’s advanced Analytics capabilities.

Workshops focused on important activities like Promotion Analysis, which involves analyzing promotions to determine ROI, Baseline Management, which is understanding and planning a true product baseline and predictive uplifts, and Deduction/Closing, determining the appropriate times to close promotions and deductions.

The event was a huge success for UpClear and our clients and partners.

Adriane McWeeney, Lundberg Family Farms – “This was an informative session, with the right mix of participants from Finance, Sales, Promotion Analysts. There is great value in sharing among industry colleagues.”

Kalei Soong, King’s Hawaiian Bakery – “Even though we sell different product lines, it is interesting to see that when it comes to Trade Promotions, we all have the same challenges. This event allowed us to share what our challenges are and, as a collective group, come up with solutions and start new best practices.”

Thierry Soudee, UpClear – “We have a great BluePlanner user base in the US. Our clients are very engaged and involved in the work that we do, and we are thankful for that. A focus group like this really helps us identify best practices, and prioritize our tech initiatives.”

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