UpClear to Present Danone Global TPM Case Study at POI Brussels

UpClear will be presenting “Balancing Global Governance with Local Practices for Rapid TPM Rollout”, at the Global Promotion Optimization Summit on May 10th – 11th in Brussels, Belgium.

“Deploying a common sales system across business units and countries can be seen as a resource-intensive challenge for CPG companies. Danone met this challenge successfully and pragmatically alongside its global TPM partner.

Thierry Soudee, UpClear CEO, and Danone will demonstrate their global TPM deployment achievement through a focus on the 80/20 strategy and independent buy-in from different business units. Danone and UpClear have successfully deployed the BluePlanner TPM software in 15+ countries.

In this session, we will discuss the lessons learned and best practices that emerged during a fast-track deployment across Europe, and in countries such as South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, China, and Japan.”

We look forward to seeing you there!

Promotion Optimization Institute – POI Global Promotion Optimization Summit

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