UpClear Wades Through the Trade Promotion Hype with CGT Straight Talk

UpClear was recently asked by Consumer Goods Technology to address myths around Trade Promotions.

“Trade promotion hasn’t quite been around since the dawn of retailing, it just seems that way — especially when you’re neck-deep in a spreadsheet trying to rationalize program allocations that seem like they haven’t changed in years. You’d think that there’d no longer be any myths surrounding a practice that’s been around here so long, is so critical to the sales process and is so prominent on the corporate expense ledger. But you’d be wrong. And a number of the remaining myths involve the industry’s willingness to treat trade promotion as a necessary evil that’s too costly, too time-consuming or simply too much work to try improving.”

Thierry Soudee, CEO at UpClear, addressed the myth of having to invest in a full-blown TPO solution to avoid being left behind.

Amongst the conclusions? “To be clear: TPO is, first and foremost, a process not a solution.”

For more, read: Wading Through the Trade Promotion Hype.

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