Ed Bishop spoke on the “Unlearning What You Know about Trade Promotion Management” Webinar hosted by Consumer Goods Technology.

UpClear Features on Consumer Goods Technology Webinar on “Unlearning What You Know about Trade Promotion Management”

On April 4th, Consumer Goods Technology hosted a webinar on “Unlearning What You Know about Trade Promotion Management”.

“The practice of trade promotion management has to change. In an omnichannel world where consumers find products on Google rather than in weekly circulars — then order them for home delivery instead of grabbing them off store shelves, traditional TPM strategies don’t work like they did in the past.

In this new environment, TPM must transition from an “inside-out” focus on enterprise processes and transactional efficiencies to an “outside-in” approach that facilitates a collaborative response to real consumer demand.

In this exclusive webinar, a panel of industry experts led by Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights will examine the key takeaways from CGT’s recent “Trade Promotion Management Report” and what they mean for the future of TPM. Among the topics to be covered:

Strategies for moving from an inside-out to an outside-in approach to trade planning.

The critical need to develop stronger processes for cross-functional planning and execution.

How adopting digital technologies not only can help achieve internal collaboration, but also can establish closer connections with retailer partners and, ultimately, consumer.”

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