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Webinar Series Showcase

Implementing RGM Systems & Change

Access all webinars from UpClear’s series on change management of RGM Systems, including  our industry panel with consumer goods executives, presented at the Promotion Optimization Institute’s Global Summit 2020. 

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Implementing RGM Systems & Change

UpClear and The Partnering Group joined forces this summer for a webinar series on Change Management. Focused on change management in the Revenue Growth Management (RGM) space for Consumer Goods brands, these webinars and industry panel, define the role of change management when implementing a new system, highlight common pitfalls, challenges, and obstacles, and provide a general roadmap and learnings that have led to optimal success for software deployments. 

The Showcase houses all three recorded webinars as well as our recorded industry panel for the Promotion Optimization Insitute. To gain access, please fill out the form. Please note that the link and the password to the protected page will be shared upon form completion.

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The Content:

·         Webinar 1 – Implementation Kick-Off

o    Inability to Identify Decision Makers

o    Implementing Change

·         Webinar 2 – Foundations in Data

o    Changing Master Data

o    What is a baseline and who maintains it

·         Webinar 3 – Execution in Relation to Trade & Reconciliation

o    Integrating Data

o    Optimizing Settlements

  • Industry Panel at the Promotion Optimization Insitute
    • John Abshear, Sr. Director, Revenue & Profit Management for Spectrum Brands 
    • Charlene Lewey,  Director IT Business Partner-Trade Promotion & Revenue Management for Ferrara Candy Company 
    • Rob May, Director, Trade Analytics for Edgewell
Main Themes & Takeawyas

This video series focuses on the following themes: Change Management, Software Deployment, Revenue Growth Management, Consumer Goods Brands, Global Software Deployment, Kicking-Off with New Clients, Cross-Team Collaboration, Project Management.

Takeaway 1

Distinguish between current and future needs. 

Takeaway 2

Focus on Master Data Governance and accuracy issues

Takeaway 3

Make sure that right people are involved at the start

Takeaway 4

Make project management a priority to drive the process

Takeaway 5

Do not be rigid to the Master Data configuration at the cost of future vision

Takeaway 6

Define the future end state, and the associated processes

Takeaway 7

Ensure decision rights are clear and account for the future

Takeaway 8

Synchronize system capabilities with client needs

Panel Speakers
Don Baker

Director of Revenue Growth Management Analytics at The Partnering Group

Rajeev Prabhakar

Director of Client Services, Americas for UpClear

Chris Than-Win

Partner for North America at The Partnering Group

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