RGM Share Group Recap: UpClear at Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit

A long time partner of  Consumer Goods Technology Magazine, UpClear hosted our recurring Revenue Growth Management Share Group at the Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit. This annual summit brings together key leaders and executives of Consumer Goods brands to focus on content, share groups, and interactive speaking sessions designed to educate, engage, and inspire innovation as strategies and visions for 2021 take shape. If you would like to review the full recap of the Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, please follow this link to the CGT article.

This session was focused on organization maturity level assessments for two key business processes: Post Event Analysis and Integrated Business Planning. The RGM Share Group session was led by Gabriele Plate, UpClear’s Client Services Director for EMEA, and Rajeev Prabhakar, Client Services Director for the Americas , with industry participants from Eagle Family Foods, Kimberly-Clark, Reynolds Consumer Products, King’s Hawaiian, Ferrero, L’Oreal USA, Nestle, and Valio USA. 

Key Points & Learnings 

We also focused on key causal factors associated to promotional performance. These are competitor activities, quality of in-store execution, distribution, media, rate of sale, and a SKU being out of stock. Key Challenges that prevent organizations from moving to a higher level of maturity include data availability, data quality/mapping, technology gaps, people skills, the lack of dedicated resources, and process gaps. Participants in our Share Group mainly credited Data Quality/ Mapping as the key reason for not moving to the next level of maturity, followed by Technology Gaps, and Data Availability respectively.

 Overall, our share group participants were mainly divided between Intermediate and Advanced levels of RGM maturity, with no companies in the Superior category as of yet. The key challenges perceived to be preventing organizations from moving to the next maturity level, in regards to Integrated Business Planning, included technology gaps, data availability, process gaps, and organizational readiness. The majority of participants in the Share Group credited Organizational Readiness as the main obstacle to achieving the next level of organizational maturity, followed by Process Gaps, Technology Gaps, and Data Availability, in that order. 

“While hurdles remain with regards to PEA and IBP, UpClear was able to draw from its client experiences to help attendees address concerns including having a trusted base, not enough resources (for smaller companies), and best practices on how to get started on advancing to the next level of maturity.

– Albert Guffanti VP & Group Publisher, RIS & CGT

2021: Share Groups & Content to Come

We look forward to our continued work together in 2021 and beyond, and are also encouraged to continue our thought leadership on the RGM process, and organizational maturity for brands when it comes to TPM.  If you would like to read more about UpClear’s focus on the near future, we have released our end of year Growth Report.

We are finalizing the dates for the 2021 RGM Share Group series and other events for 2021 curated to key trends in Trade Promotion and RGM. Please reach out to marketing@upclear.com if this is of interest, and keep an eye out for more content on trade promotions, scalable SaaS for consumer goods, and our great work with our clients on a local and global level.  

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