SaaS flexibility boosts productivity in many ways

It used to be that every software project, no matter how well-designed or much-needed, encountered the same minefield of risk, cost, and pain. Sure, the software was proven and reliable, the benefits were clear, leadership had bought in, but then loomed the dreaded phase of every implementation project – “parallel processing”.

The fear of every CFO, this meant that before the benefits could be realized and before you were even sure it would work, there would be a period of duplicated time, effort, and risk while the old systems and processes were maintained in parallel with the new to test, evaluate, and prove the functionality before actual conversion. This parallel processing could last six months or more and drive the overall project costs much higher.

This has all changed with Software-as-a-Service products delivered over the web.  The low cost nature of deployment, data migration and interfaces, and subscription fees reduces the risk and time that is required to learn and adapt the new system to your specific needs. Testing is simplified and the time spent in parallel universes is significantly reduced. The subscription model provides optimal and sustainable ROI through its inherent flexibility. CFOs can breathe easier knowing that the benefits of superior solutions can be implemented more quickly and with less cost and risk than ever before.

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