UpClear’s Growth Report: Looking Ahead to 2021

With 2020 Coming to a Close…

…one thought that comes to mind is a lesson in resilience, in patience, and in gratitude.  COVID has tested us all in some way this year, especially in our ability to adapt as individuals, as families, and as businesses and organizations. In many cases, the core values and missions were highlighted, and ours at UpClear were no different. Our leadership, team, and ways of working were held to standards of commitment, collaboration, resourcefulness, forward-thinking and responsibility that have been core to our growth for over a decade. 

UpClear Maintained a Growth Track

We added a number of corporate projects, new team members, and clients. We were proud to start new deployments across all of our markets, all remotely.  We worked with Kraft-Heinz in Indonesia, China, and Japan. We welcomed Community CoffeeBlue Diamond Growers and Essentia Waters in the USA, as well as Butcher’s Pet Care in the UK, all in 2020.  We also continued to launch new initiatives and expanded into new markets with existing clients, such as Danone, Ferrero, Perfetti Van Melle, Blue Buffalo, and Lala. This week and next we are gathering virtually with our clients at our annual European and North American user groups, to share our product roadmap and projects for 2021. 

Historic Milestone

At our quarterly townhall meeting at the start of December, we celebrated a major milestone: $10 million in year-to-date revenue for the first time. Reaching this milestone takes us to new horizons. All our business foundations are sound, we have everything to be confident and look forward to the next stage of expansion. 

Looking Ahead to 2021

Our vision for the upcoming year starts with who we are:  ‘We support growing consumer brands, whether they are independents in established markets, or international subsidiaries of global companies. Our Revenue Management software has always supported companies in their path through profitable growth.

Building scalability through Technology, Process and Organization

Our foundation is in SaaS, and as our product continues to evolve, we are seeing data & intelligence as the common thread to everything we do. We are therefore investing in the following three roadmap areas: 

  • Infrastructure – we have completed a migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud supporting dynamic scalability
  • User-experience – in 2021 we are releasing the exciting BluePlanner 5, leveraging Angular and bringing real-time simulation, scenario planning and visualization at multiple levels 
  • Data intelligence and Analytics – we continue to improve our capabilities around POS data mapping and data enrichment to reduce our clients burden in data manipulation, and enable advanced post-event analysis (PEA), volume decomposition and predictive planning 

We have also solidified and secured our internal processes and compliance. In early 2021 we are expecting to obtain an ISAE Type II Report, as well as the German GOBD Certification. Those certifications are a formal recognition of the high standards we strive to adhere to in operational risk management, solution integrity and information security. 

We are adapting our organization to meet the needs of our growth. Across the company, we make sure to develop top quality practices and hire highly experienced profiles, while improving our diversity and gender balance as well. Of the 12 people we hired in 2020, there were six different nationalities and five women.  We are adding a seasoned Chief Technology Officer to take our data and analytics transformation further. We are restructuring our Client Delivery operations to be able to rollout our software with even more speed and consistency. And we are expanding our Marketing and Sales efforts to communicate our work and best practices to a wider audience.  Ultimately, our commitment to Client Success is what has and will continue to sustain our growth. We have the best-in-class team of global TPx experts in our North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific locations. 

A broader company impact

Awareness towards sustainability and the environment has always been a point of pride and responsibility that we celebrate as a team. Beyond our existing measures internally, such as walking/biking to work, not using single-use plastics, and donating used computers, we are taking this responsibility to a corporate level.  We have decided to engage UpClear in the B Corp certification, following the example of some of our clients, and aiming to gain certification in 2021. As part of this, we are also proud and eager to join the 1% For the Planet movement from January 1. Our team is inspired by this initiative and committed to partner with some of our clients and selected environmental organizations to make the best impact out of our donations. 

2021 has a lot in store, and a lot to look forward to. What has been missed most has been the social element of our ways of working, and our communities. We are excited to celebrate the holidays and the new year, and then getting right back to it! 

Happy Holidays to you and yours !
– Thierry Soudee, Founder & CEO

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