5 Reasons to See What BluePlanner Can Do For Your Business 

If you don’t know BluePlanner, it’s a suite of revenue management tools made by UpClear. BluePlanner has four services: Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and Revenue Growth Management (RGM).     Because insights and data quality are paramount, UpClear Data Services help you manage data sent to and received from BluePlanner. […]

Data Management and Analytics in the New Normal

data management & analytics

What to do when you can no longer “trust your gut”?  The digital analytics race has caused Consumer Goods Brands to focus on their ability to access data for better decision-making around commercial strategy and the wider Revenue Management approach.  Key trends observed across retail and consumer landscape  Assortment Rationalization -> retailers have revised their category management approach to simplify assortments, become more agile and […]

Retail Execution and How it Can Maximize Trade Promotion Management

A lot of work goes into getting a brand’s product onto a grocery store shelf, especially in planning and execution. Technology plays a powerful role, providing brands with the ability to scale efficiently from forecasting and managing promotions to measuring the effectiveness of those promotions after the fact. We wanted to showcase a friend of […]

What to Expect from a Well-Run Sales Planning & Trade Management Process

This session from LEAD Marketing Conference outlines the expectations that participants should have of their sales/promotion planning and trade spending management processes. UpClear explains the benefits to sales, marketing, finance, and demand planning functions, and strategies for improvement if these expectations are not being met.  CPGmatters is a business-to-business e-zine that has been dedicated to helping […]

ClearTalk Live: How TPM works with ERP

Who this is for   Direct: Emerging Brand Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) Sales Leaders, Sales Operations/Planning, Trade Marketing, IT  Adjacent: Finance/Accounting, Demand Planning   Preview  Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is a tool for CPG HQ Sales/Trade Marketing, & Field Sales with connections to Finance/Accounting and Demand Planning.  In the field, TPM supports account planning, execution and settlement processes.  At HQ, TPM helps manage account teams & control spending.  Furthermore, it helps accounting settle deductions, and provides inputs to Finance and Demand Planning […]

Guide to RGM Systems & Change Implementation

UpClear and The Partnering Group joined forces for this on-demand webinar on Change Management. Focused on change management in the Revenue Growth Management (RGM) space for Consumer Goods brands, this session defines the role of change management when implementing a new system, highlights common pitfalls, challenges, and obstacles, and provides a general roadmap and learnings that […]

Master Data: Failure to Plan…Planning to Fail

“Master Data”. If you are like most Sales professionals who have worked on a large systems integration project, the very phrase probably sends chills down your spine. As fundamental as the data in your system may be, it is absolutely one of the hardest things for most consumer goods companies to ‘nail’ and tends to […]

5 Tips for Successfully Choosing and Deploying a Trade Promotion System

Whether you are considering a Trade Promotion Management system for mature or emerging markets, there are five clear best practices you’ll want to consider to be successful. If your organization is replacing an outdated solution or implementing one for the first time in 2016, you’ll definitely want to consider the following: Don’t choose a lemon […]