Bubbling with Excitement: Martinelli’s Picks BluePlanner TPM  

About Martinelli’s After issuing an RFP in their search for a Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system, Martinelli’s selected UpClear’s BluePlanner TPM platform. S. Martinelli & Co. has produced apple juices and sparkling ciders for over 150 years. In 1920, with Prohibition in full effect, the non-alcoholic cider beverage became Martinelli’s front-running product and has maintained […]

Savor Success: BluePlanner Empowers Nissin’s Noodle Empire

UpClear has proudly worked with Nissin since 2022, when BluePlanner was chosen by the Nissin USA team to transform their sales planning and deduction management processes. Nissin, home to iconic instant noodle brands like Top Ramen, has a wide variety of products and flavors that nourish billions of people around the globe. Nissin has been […]

How C.A. Fortune Boosts Business with BluePlanner 

C.A. Fortune Presence C.A. Fortune is a full-service, privately held consumer brands agency based in Chicago, Illinois with regional offices throughout the United States. The company offers clients a comprehensive set of solutions including brand incubation, client strategy, sales management, marketing and branding, insights, retail activation, and more. The company works with notable manufacturers in the Consumer […]

Nature’s Bakery Modernizes With Latest BluePlanner-5

An UpClear client since 2017, Nature’s Bakery upgraded to the latest version of the SaaS platform –BluePlanner 5– to take advantage of new features, data integration, advanced analytics, and enhanced indirect sales planning functionality. Nature’s Bakery makes plant-based, nut-free, and dairy-free snacks. One of the fastest-growing brands in their category, Nature’s Bakery was acquired by Mars Inc., the […]

It’s All the Buzz:  Nature Nate’s Selects BluePlanner TPM

UpClear’s BluePlanner Trade Promotion Management (TPM) software solution has been chosen by leading honey maker Nature Nate’s. The company selected BluePlanner to optimize trade spending and improve demand forecasting. Under the ownership of Blue Road Capital, Nature Nate’s has been making raw and unfiltered honey since 2010. Based in Dallas, Texas, they have become the largest […]

TPM is Vital for Vytalogy Wellness

Vytalogy Wellness has chosen UpClear’s BluePlanner Trade Promotion Management (TPM) to enhance management of sales plans and trade spending.  The Southern California-based business is a modern wellness company formed in 2022 by combining the popular supplement and vitamin brands Natrol and Jarrow Formulas.  The entity is a portfolio company of New Mountain Capital, LLC.   As […]

Why Base Volume is So Important in Consumer Goods

In Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) there is a very familiar progression from a “sell at all costs” philosophy to a point at which distribution and velocity growth has leveled-off and strategy changes.  At this point, trade spending very frequently has become a value equal to 25% of gross revenue.  There is a shift to […]

Diamond Foods Shapes Future with BluePlanner TPM 

Northern California-based Diamond Foods has begun the process of deploying UpClear BluePlanner Trade Promotion Management (TPM) for sales and promotion planning and management of trade spending and deductions.  Under the ownership of Blue Road Capital, the iconic 111-year-old nut producer is transforming its brand as consumers shift to incorporate more plant-based products in their diets. Part of […]

BluePlanner TPM is the Right Fit for Electrolit USA

Electrolit USA Selects BluePlanner TPM Dating back to 1950, Electrolit is a hydration beverage manufactured by Grupo PISA, a leading pharmaceutical company in Latin America.  Bolstered by success in Mexico, the brand was launched in the United States in 2014 and has been growing ever since.  With that growth came the need to evolve capabilities […]

Setting Customer Goals with TPM 

Managing Growth Your mission used to be getting on the shelf and driving trial.  While shopper love for your product is still paramount, things get a little more complicated when your brand takes off and distribution grows.  In fast moving Consumer Goods, when distribution grows so does trade spending – income to your customers, but […]

Kraft-Heinz Japan Upgrades to Latest Version of BluePlanner for Revenue Management

The Kraft Heinz Company is the fifth largest food and beverage company in the world, operating in over 40 countries, generating over $26bn in net sales in 2020. A globally trusted producer of delicious foods, Kraft Heinz provides high quality, great taste, and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants, or on […]