5 Reasons to See What BluePlanner Can Do For Your Business 

If you don’t know BluePlanner, it’s a suite of revenue management tools made by UpClear. BluePlanner has four services: Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and Revenue Growth Management (RGM).     Because insights and data quality are paramount, UpClear Data Services help you manage data sent to and received from BluePlanner. […]

Why Base Volume is So Important in Consumer Goods

In Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) there is a very familiar progression from a “sell at all costs” philosophy to a point at which distribution and velocity growth has leveled-off and strategy changes.  At this point, trade spending very frequently has become a value equal to 25% of gross revenue.  There is a shift to […]

Requirements to Calculate ROI on Your Promotions

To see our latest thoughts on calculating ROI on your promotions, see our series, starting with: How to Calculate Promotional ROI – Start With 5 Key Building Blocks. A true Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculation is the holy grail of promotion metrics. Sadly, most CPG companies do not know the estimated ROI when planning a promotion or […]

Data Management and Analytics in the New Normal

data management & analytics

What to do when you can no longer “trust your gut”?  The digital analytics race has caused Consumer Goods Brands to focus on their ability to access data for better decision-making around commercial strategy and the wider Revenue Management approach.  Key trends observed across retail and consumer landscape  Assortment Rationalization -> retailers have revised their category management approach to simplify assortments, become more agile and […]

TPM & The Full Trade Spend Suite

What is TPM, TPO, IBP, and RGM?  Like any growing business, there are growing pains, and certain points where the shift to a tech solution becomes imperative. Every consumer goods’ brand has seen different points of the sale process become more difficult with growth, especially managing promotions, trade spend, and deductions. These take up more […]

Promotional ROI Part 2: Why It’s Important & How to Use It

Why Promotional ROI Matters?  Knowing the ROI of an individual promotion is a step in the right direction, but your goal should be to have a ROI metric across promotions.  If calculated consistently, you will have a way to assess the relative benefit of promotions across products and customers.  This, combined with an understanding of […]

Promotional ROI Part 1: Definitions & Formulas

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers spend massive amounts of money on the pricing and promotion of fast-moving product categories (e.g. food, beverages, household, and personal care products) in retail channels.  This money is called “Trade Spending.” Money is exchanged between the manufacturer and its customers- retailers and distributors- for product placement, everyday retail price subsidization, promotion discounts, advertising, and display space.    In highly-competitive categories, trade spending can equal a value of […]

Implementing Revenue Management: Consumer Goods

Solutions for Top Challenges Facing CPG Companies Change Management is a topic that is heavily discussed in many professional capacities. While many conference topics focus on change management in regard to organizational design and pivoting business strategies, we would argue that keeping change management in the forefront of Trade system implementation is paramount in achieving […]

Post Event Analysis Tutorial with Partner Atheon Analysis

UpClear’s Director of Client Success, EMEA, Gabriele Plate is joined by Adam Booth, Lead Data Scientist at Atheon Analytics to discuss Post Event Analysis across each level of RGM maturity. This 40 minute session will answer the majority of questions RGM executives may have about Post Event Analysis.

What to Expect from a Well-Run Sales Planning & Trade Management Process

This session from LEAD Marketing Conference outlines the expectations that participants should have of their sales/promotion planning and trade spending management processes. UpClear explains the benefits to sales, marketing, finance, and demand planning functions, and strategies for improvement if these expectations are not being met.  CPGmatters is a business-to-business e-zine that has been dedicated to helping […]