Promoting – Is It Worth It?

For previous editions of this series, we have looked at calculating promotional ROI and cannibalization.  Now we are going to take a step back and look at the entire concept of promotions, asking the question: “Why do consumer goods manufacturers promote at all?” The default response of many is ‘to make money’, but, as we […]

How to Calculate Promotional ROI – Start With 5 Key Building Blocks

promotinal ROI

This is Part 1 of UpClear’s Series on Promotional ROI and Optimizing Trade Spend. Part 2 addresses cannibalization. In future posts, we will discuss areas such as promotional effects and the ROI formula. Before that, though, we need to make sure the foundations are in place… “60% of trade promotions have a negative ROI!” is […]

Strategic Revenue Management Aligns Global Commercial Objectives with Local Market Needs

Perfetti Van Melle is a global candy and gum powerhouse which spans 150 countries and represents over 2.5 billion Euros in net sales. With different business units operating across multiple markets, the challenge that company leaders faced in 2016 was to develop a global sales standard across all markets. This presentation focuses on how UpClear […]