Route to Market

Food Service/Away from Home

Some of your products are sold to Food Service/Away from Home distributors or directly to restaurants, schools, institutions, or other businesses.


A Food Service or Away from Home business has different dynamics than retail.  Different SKUs, Long-term rebates, not short-term promotions.  “Operators,” not retailers.  The management of this channel, however, is no less important than retail.  For Food Service/Pro requirements, BluePlanner is deployed with dedicated long-term contract planning.  These can be set up for a variety of planning requirements. Customer and product selections can be simplified, enabling you to- for example- apply a deal to all SKUs in a brand.  Rate or percent deal entry. Volume-based deal tiers. 

The major benefits of incorporating your Food Service/Away from Home business into BluePlanner is that because it is one platform, there will be just one place to go to understand the performance of your entire business; sales, trade spending, and margins. 

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