Asia Pacific

Consumer Goods in the APAC region is extremely diverse and complex from a distribution and retail perspective.  This has direct implications for a successful Trade Promotion Management (TPM) strategy and system.


Markets such as Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) are highly mature and concentrated around modern retail key accounts. Key accounts do exist in other markets such as Indonesia and Japan, but do so alongside large numbers of individual shops and restaurants served by powerful distributors. Serving such a heterogenous market requires a flexible strategy and flexible toolset, not the least of which will be the TPM system itself.

UpClear has made significant investments in BluePlanner’s flexibility to efficiently handle a wide variety of distribution and Promotion scenarios and use cases, making end users’ work as efficient and productive as possible while achieving the return on investment, transparency, and control manufacturers desire as they navigate these challenging times.

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Trade Promotion Managment

Supports annual planning, execution, and analysis of accounts.
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Trade Promotion Optimization

Augment TPM with added intelligence, simulations and reporting capabilities.
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Integrated Business Planning

Provides capabilities to support annual operating plan definition.
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Revenue Growth Management

Facilitates advanced analysis by providing deeper insight into margin opportunities.
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Use Cases for Asia Pacific

Monitoring Business Initiatives

Facilitating Monthly Business Review Meetings

Analyzing Plan Effectiveness

Controlling Trade Spending

Creating The Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

Paying Bills and Managing Deductions

Forecasting Shipments

Managing Customer Business Plans & Approvals

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