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Among other distribution methods, you sell to retailers and deliver products directly to their stores.


For brands that distribute either fully or partially via Direct Store Delivery (DSD), BluePlaner has specialized account-level promotion planning capabilities that were designed and deployed in conjunction with clients.  One such capability is “shared costs” in promotion planning.  In this use case, the brands split promotional costs with distributors.  Easy to use promotion inputs produce outputs that enable the brand to understand their margin, as well as distributor and retailer margins. 

In addition, BluePlanner Data Services can produce and deliver an output of promotional deals planned and authorized at the account level to your system of choice to send information to hand-held devices used at the store level. 

Related Capabilities


Trade Promotion Managment

Supports annual planning, execution, and analysis of accounts.
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Trade Promotion Optimization

Augment TPM with added intelligence, simulations and reporting capabilities.
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Revenue Growth Management

Facilitates advanced analysis by providing deeper insight into margin opportunities.
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Use Cases for DSD

Monitoring Business Initiatives

Forecasting the Trade Spending Accrual

Paying Bills and Managing Deductions

Forecasting Shipments

Managing Customer Business Plans & Approvals

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