Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning  provides capabilities to support annual operating plan definition, target settings, and sales and operation forecasts. More broadly, it facilitates the ongoing collaboration across sales, supply chain, finance and channel partners to optimize volumes and financial forecast and deliver against overall business objectives.
integrated business planning

Key Processes Supported

Target Setting

S&OP Consensus Forecast

Supply Integration

Distribution Management


Separate, dedicated forecast interface and metric. Does not change bottom-up TPM forecast.

Integrated “Starting Point” and reference metrics

Spreadsheet-like copy, add and multiply functionality

Automatic spreading of high-level entries to lower levels of customer, product, and time dimensions

Automatic rollup of low-level entries to higher levels

Export to spreadsheet and/or schedule database extracts

Near real-time templated, operational reporting with personal report customization and saving

Specialized dashboard visualizations and reports

Specialized post event analysis dashboards/reports. Centralized access to actual promotion results.


Ability to execute more business process in one platform

Avoid time, effort, and cost attributable to homegrown tool construction and maintenance

Eliminate risk of accidental corruption or deletion

Automatic presentation of data used to create the forecast

Structure that ensures consistency across users

Reduced learning curve because system has been designed around best practices

Flexibility to configure for your specific needs

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