Growth Stage

Consumer Goods manufacturers have different needs and challenges at different stages of growth.

The BluePlanner platform has flexibility that enables brands to adopt services designed for their present state to facilitate growth. More sophisticated capabilities can then be added over time.

Emerging Brandss

New to Trade Promotion Management?

Reference Annual Revenue Range: Up to $100M
Growing sales velocity and distribution. More promotions and deductions. Using spreadsheets, shared drives, and email. Difficulty seeing up-to-date sales and spending forecasts in a timely fashion. No longer able to efficiently reconcile and validate deductions.

Growing Brands

Replacing capabilities you've outgrown?

Reference Annual Revenue Range: $100-$500M
Out of start-up mode. Growing product portfolio. Adding people to your organization. Still using Excel or you may have an old Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system, but its no longer meeting your needs. Need deeper analytic capabilities. Still optimizing sales and spend forecast, deduction, financial accrual processes.

Established Brands

Have even more sophisticated needs?

Reference Annual Revenue Range: Greater than $500M
Nationally/internationally known brands. Shift from volume/spending to customer profitability. Managing business across countries. Cross-functional collaboration is a necessity. Advanced capabilities & data services needed. Dependable, scalable infrastructure required.



BluePlanner was- from the start- built to work for Consumer Goods manufacturers that need to manage business across multiple countries.

UpClear services are a combination of capabilities, data management, and infrastructure...

…and they scale-up as you do. The BluePlanner difference is that this is all accomplished on a single, global platform.
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