Route to Market

Visibility through a complex distribution network

UpClear has more than 15 years supporting the variety of client routes to market around the world. The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is complex, and BluePlanner has been purpose-built to support planning through different routes.

Direct Retail

Retail, Direct

The most traditional use case in consumer goods. You ship directly to a retail customer’s warehouse, and they supply their stores…

Retail Distributors & Indirects

Retail, Distributors & Indirects

When your customer is a Distributor that then sells to Indirect retailers, BluePlanner has extensive capabilities to support sales planning and trade spend management…

Retail Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Retail, Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

For brands that distribute either fully or partially via Direct Store Delivery (DSD), BluePlaner has specialized account-level promotion planning capabilities…

Food Service

Food Service/Professional

A Food Service business has different dynamics than retail. Different SKUs, Long–term rebates, not short-term promotions. “Operators,” not retailers. The management of this channel, however, is no less important than retail…

One platform to manage them all.

Get visibility into your business like never before.
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