UpClear Infrastructure 100% on Microsoft Azure

As our data processing load has grown exponentially in the past few years, we decided in 2018 to move our software infrastructure from dedicated servers in three global data centers, to a more scalable infrastructure, and engaged on a 2-year plan to migrate to Microsoft Azure Cloud.  We are now excited to announce that UpClear has fully completed this infrastructure upgrade. 

“This move was a strategic and significant project for us, and our team and partners have done a great job in managing it smoothly, with virtually no disruption to our service. Investing into infrastructure and being fully hosted on Azure is aligned with our strategy to support growth, scale securely and dynamically, and continue to develop advanced analytics” says Thierry Soudee, UpClear Founder & CEO.

Infrastructure built for growing services

Some initial migrations took place in 2019, but 2020 was the main effort with the upgrades of our main production sites: Asia-Pacific was migrated in Q1, North-America in Q2 and Europe in Q3. We now have all our data integration, analytics, application and database servers in Azure data centers in Asia, North-America and Europe, servicing our global clients. 

Cameron Chapple, UpClear Infrastructure Lead, explains: “The volume of data we manage today has doubled compared to a year ago, and continues to grow.  As part of the migration we have expanded our infrastructure by four times, in all our regional data centers. We focused on scaling out our existing production and simulation services into dedicated servers to improve performance, reliability, and accessibility. 

We have also invested in utilizing Server-less and PaaS cloud resources to ensure system reliability and to facilitate rapid scaling of resources as our user base and data demands increase. Our close partnership with Microsoft will allow us to maintain pace with the latest trends in technology as well as our client and business needs.  Through 2021 we will be exploring all additional services Azure can offer and how these can be used to improve BluePlanner, as well as associated data integration and advanced analytics services”

From the perspective of Angelique Spee, Microsooft Program Manager for FastTrack for Azure:

“We’ve been working with the Upclear infrastructure engineers over the past 12 months from design to deployment and are delighted to see this project completed successfully. Compared to a traditional route, UpClear was able to accelerate the implementation of Microsoft Azure through the FastTrack for Azure team, saving roughly six months of additional work. We look forward to what future collaborations have in store with UpClear’s continued growth.”

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform service that was released in 2010 by Microsoft. Azure is seen as an industry leader and boasts an expansive network of more than 100 secure facilities worldwide, available in 140 countries/regions. This service is leveraged by technical experts to build, test, deploy, and manage applications through Microsoft managed data centers. It provides software, platform, and infrastructure as a service with support for multiple different programming languages, tools, and frameworks.  

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