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Reckitt Taiwan Live on BluePlanner TPM 

Reckitt Taiwan has become the third Reckitt business unit in the Asia-Pacific region to launch BluePlanner

TPM to manage trade spending. Reckitt Taiwan sells it’s 240+ products -including famous brands such as Dettol, Durex and Strepsils- across 140+ customers across the country via a distributor-centric route-to-market, with a single distributor managing product distribution to all retailers across the island.   

“We didn’t have a particular system to calculate trade spend. The team were using Excel and manually inputting data into the ERP one by one, which is tiring, repetitive and prone to error. I believe with Blueplanner implemented in Taiwan, we have a more efficient and comprehensive trade spend management.” 

Harvey Lee, IT Project Lead (Reckitt Hong Kong & Taiwan) 

Reckitt Taiwan went live after a rapid 8-week deployment project. Prior to project kick-off, the UpClear team worked closely with the Reckitt Taiwan team to scope out the BluePlanner roll-out, with configuration tied closely to the Reckitt Hong Kong for consistency across business units. This was a tightly managed project that kept scope and timeline integrity and resulted in a smooth project on an accelerated timeline. 

The benefits Reckitt Taiwan expect from BluePlanner are improved ROI visibility on trade promotions and improved reporting and automated accrual functionality.  

“Our gratitude goes to the detailed planning, smooth execution, and timely and on-going support thereafter. The solution brings great benefit to the efficiency and transparency to our Trade Spend.” 

Harvey Lee, IT Project Lead (Reckitt Hong Kong & Taiwan) 

Reckitt is one of many multi-national UpClear Clients. The BluePlanner platform’s configurability and design is well suited for this kind of company. Two standout capabilities that illustrate this are a) the ability to manage multiple countries & currencies, and b) route to market features that facilitate distributor and indirect customer planning. 

About UpClear 

UpClear makes software used by Consumer Goods brands to improve the management of sales & trade spending. Its BluePlanner platform is an integrated solution supporting Trade Promotion Management, Trade Promotion Optimization, Integrated Business Planning, and Revenue Growth Management.    

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