Spindrift sets sail with UpClear for TPM

UpClear is proud to announce a new relationship with Boston-based Spindrift Beverage Company as they have selected BluePlanner TPM for sales planning and trade spend management.  Spindrift, founded in 2010, is America’s first sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit.   

A “spindrift” is the spray that blows off a breaking wave.  We can’t think of a more perfect inspiration for an innovative sparkling beverage!  As their business has grown, spreadsheets were no longer a practical way to manage the information in promotion planning and quickly produce insights about their business.  To overcome this challenge, the Spindrift team will utilize BluePlanner’s Business Review reporting – a new capability in the BP5 version of the platform- that delivers 1) a clear, standardized view of business performance, and 2)has flexibility that enables users to customize their analyses

Also important to Spindrift is integration with their Enterprise Resource Planning system, NetSuite.  BluePlanner is designed to exchange data with ERP platforms, including NetSuite and we were able to connect them with a trusted integrator that has helped other clients with this setup work.        

We’re excited to have Spindrift aboard as they embark on the journey of digitally transforming sales planning, settlement, and business analysis.   

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