Annual Planning: Kicking Off the Promotional Lifecycle


Consumer Goods brands are approaching or already in their busiest time of year: annual planning. UpClear hosted a discussion around this critical and often (unnecessarily) stressful time within the promotional lifecycle with two growing brands: Crystal Farms Dairy and Valio USA. Both brands leverage the TPM platform, BluePlanner, and throughout the discussion highlighted unique points where the software solution has benefitted their organization.  

 Please see key highlights, a clip, and the link to the full webinar below:  

Main Challenges of Planning 

Incorporating plans that have origins in Excel 
Poor UX of certain solutions for planning 
Systems will be designed for Finance or Sales, but rarely for both 
Forecasting can be tied to product shelf life 
Managing Margins & Budgets 
Difficulty aligning settlements 

Key Benefits of a Saas Solution for TPM 

Reduced (Time in) Planning Cycle 
Sales Team Buy-In & Participation/ Easy to Learn & Update 
Optimize spend for greater efficiency 
Increase in Retailer Growth Opportunities 
Increased Margins 
Forecast Accuracy Built into Platform

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