Twinings expands BluePlanner TPM to North America


UpClear is proud to announce the expansion of our relationship with Associated British Foods as they deploy BluePlanner in their Twinings North America business unit.  The New Jersey-based business team joins Twinings UK, a long time UpClear customer.  

BluePlanner was chosen by Twinings to replace an existing TPM platform.  The move will add structure, control, and analysis that wasn’t possible with incumbent system.  Because Twining’s products move more slowly than other categories, shipment-oriented spending and analysis does not meet their needs.  BluePlanner’s specialized functionality that reports business performance using point of sale (POS) volume will enable them to look at business the way that is best for their needs.  Also, BluePlanner’s capability to manage multiple countries will be utilized, as sales plans for both the USA and Canada will be logged in the system.     

Twinings Tea traces its roots back to 1706 when Thomas Twinings opened Britain’s first known team room (which is still open today).  While not quite as long a tenure, Twinings is a long-term UpClear customer and we are very excited to help them build capabilities for the future. 

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