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Data Enablers
trade promotion management software

Trade Promotion Management

Trade Promotion Management supports annual planning, execution, and analysis of accounts, with a full suite of financial and managerial approvals for each activity. CG Manufacturers use these detailed plans to control trade spending and assess the performance of their business.
trade promotion optimization

Trade Promotion Optimization

Trade Promotion Optimization augments TPM with additional intelligence, simulations and advanced reporting capabilities to support the promotion effectiveness mission of CG manufacturers.
integrated business planning

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning  provides capabilities to support annual operating plan definition, target settings, and sales and operation forecasts. More broadly, it facilitates the ongoing collaboration across sales, supply chain, finance and channel partners to optimize volumes and financial forecast and deliver against overall business objectives.
revenue growth management

Revenue Growth Management

Revenue Growth Management facilitates advanced analysis by providing deeper insight into margin opportunities and pricing conduct for own brands and competitors in order to make strategic decisions that drive results.
Data Enablers

Data Enablers

Data Enablers – It’s all about data! Additional services and capabilities to make data easy and facilitate integration, mapping and cleansing of different data points (sourced from manufacturer, retailer, consumer, or wholesaler) required to support and enhance TPM, TPO, IBP, and RGM.

Our Client Success Approach

We approach clients as partners, with the goal to help them scale. To succeed, we commit to three principles:


We are directly involved in all our deployments and throughout the client journey, we rollout and support our software with local teams

Iterative deployment

We can deploy very fast, but we also understand that making best use of a software is a journey, and we enable features progressively to provide the right value at the right time


We like to think that we are an extension of our clients’ teams, for the long run

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