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BluePlanner, Platform for Revenue Management

UpClear manages the complex headache of data and trade promotions, so Consumer Goods teams can clearly understand and visualize this data to empower informed decision making and optimize performance in revenue management.


BluePlanner is a modular cloud-based solution, supporting the entire promotion life cycle and each of UpClear’s service offerings:  Pricing, Terms & Promotions, Analytics & Insights, Integrated Business Planning, and Data Enablers

Pricing, Terms & Promotions

Pricing, Terms and Promotions service offering focuses on activities to support annual planning and execution at a detailed level for each customer account, with a full suite of financial and managerial approvals for each activity. CG Manufacturers use these detailed plans to gain insights about the upcoming operational plan while guaranteeing disbursement of funds only with the proper controls.

Key Processes Supported

Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights service offering provides intelligence, simulations and advanced reporting capabilities to support the revenue management agenda of CG manufacturers and enhance commercials decision.

Key Processes Supported

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning service offering provides capabilities to support the annual operating plan definition, targets-settings, and sales and operation plans. More broadly, it facilitates the ongoing collaboration across sales, supply chain, finance and channel partners to optimize volumes and financial forecast and deliver against overall business objectives.

Key Processes Supported

Data Enablers

Additional Services and capabilities to make data easy and facilitate integration, mapping and cleansing of different data points (sourced from manufacturer, retailer, consumer, or wholesaler) required to support and enhance IBP, Pricing, Terms & Promotions and Analytics & Insights.

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We approach clients as partners, with the goal to help them scale. To succeed, we commit to three principles:

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