Incorporating Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning into an RGM Roadmap

Each year, Consumer Goods Technology hosts Analytics Unite, a summit that focuses on the Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science for Consumer Goods Brands. Consistent with earlier presentations, UpClear hosted the RGM Share Group for this conference. Please see the full video below this introduction.  

The Share Group focused on how to leverage advanced analytics and machine learning, specifically within the context of developing an RGM Roadmap. UpClear’s Director of Customer Success for EMEA, Gabriele Plate, was joined by client thought leaders: Martin Dally, Finance Trade Manager of Perfetti Van Melle USA, Dave Jackson, Head of Net Revenue Management for Ferrero UK as well as Adam Booth, Lead Data Scientist for partner, Atheon Analytics.

“When it comes to preparing for the future of business, incorporating advanced analytics and machine learning into revenue management and trade optimization platforms can be a daunting task. In fact one-third of share group members noted that they have not yet started their journeys through an RGM transformation program during Analytics Unite 2021. That is why it is critical for industry partners like UpClear to share their industry expertise from working with brands of all sizes. By developing a framework with clear use cases, success stories and key data enablers, group members can start their transformation programs and be on their way to continuous improvement like 8% of their peers mentioned during the meeting.”  – Alarice Rajagopal, Senior Editor, CGT

Key Learnings in Share Group

  • Specific RGM processes that can be optimized by Advanced Analytics 
  • Related data enablers that can support existing RGM practices 
  • Specific success factors to measure a current or developing RGM strategy 
  • Main components to transform from RGM framework from “Tactical” to “Tech Enabled” 
  • Different phases of RGM Roadmaps, with unique use cases 

What Panelists Had to Say:

Dave Jackson, Head of Net Revenue Management, Ferrero UK 

“They (UpClear) are very much partners in our business, on our growth agenda”  
“User friendliness and the UI that a tool has can make or break its’ adoption” 

Martin Dally, Finance Trade Manager, Perfetti Van Melle US 

“We (Perfetti Van Melle) have a separate forecasting tool, but then we have BluePlanner which is integrated. I think as we have educated through the company, what it is and what capabilities and analytics are in there, you find people gravitating between both, ….but I think we are quickly seeing the quicker tool, with the better insights becoming the more dominant tool that we use.” 

Adam Booth, Lead Data Scientist, Atheon Analytics 

To the question “Do you see challenges in end-users adopting more advanced analytics?” 
“I think it’s a mix, and it’s in the delivery, which is where Blueplanner comes in and has a real benefit in how it is embedded within an already established process as opposed to an extra separate tool that adds another step in a complex business challenge. Providing the right level of info with the right level of explanation at the right point in the process is really key to adoption and people making use of the tool” 

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