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Promoting – Is It Worth It?

For previous editions of this series, we have looked at calculating promotional ROI and cannibalization.  Now we are going to take a step back and …

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Defending Against the Growing Retail Goliaths: The Importance of a Defensible Pricing Framework for Suppliers

The Tesco and Carrefour ‘strategic alliance’ is apparently positioned to make “the most of [their] collective product expertise and sourcing capability” but is essentially two …

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How GDPR Affects B2B SaaS Providers

On May 25th, the European Union’s “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) takes effect. GDPR aims to give individuals more control of their data and how …

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Forecasting an End to Plastic Pollution

April 22nd is ‘Earth Day’, when an estimated billion people globally will show their support for the environment and promoting sustainability. Growing from the 20 …

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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

An Introduction to Promotional Cannibalization This is Part 2 of UpClear’s Series on Promotional ROI and Optimizing Trade Spend. In the first blog, we looked …

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