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Dairy Giant Grupo LaLa Manages Trade Spend in Mexico (and the USA) with BluePlanner TPM 

Lala Mexico, or Grupo Lala, is one of the largest dairy companies in the world. Founded in 1949, Grupo Lala’s and its subsidiaries- Borden, Lala US, and Vigor- is the ninth largest dairy company in the world.  Its’ products include milk, juice, cream, desserts, cheese, yogurt, and butter.  Grupo Lala’s revenue passed 3.6 billion dollars in 2019. Given this scale and the amount of trade spending, the planning capabilities delivered by a TPM (Trade Promotion Management) solution are important.   

Store Level Planning, Across Multiple Markets 

Lala’s market complexity – 628,000 stores and over 170 distribution centers- and globally oriented financial goals required in-depth planning capabilities.  Given their size, large enterprise vendors were originally considered when seeking a solution.  This course, however, changed after identifying the need for a more agile product and custom deployment & integration strategy.   

After a search process, UpClear was chosen to be Lala Mexico’s TPM partner.  UpClear has served as Lala’s

TPM vendor in the United States for over 6 years and we were excited to build the relationship by expanding to the Mexican market.   

UpClear’s Value… Facilitated by Experience in the Category  

There were a number of key areas of focus for Lala, the first of which was to ensure a solid system was in place to facilitate agile and accurate communication across the whole company to optimize analysis and reporting.  The core value BluePlanner delivers for Lala is field and store data. This data drives visibility of product performance throughout each level of sales, especially with a complex, distributor-heavy customer structure.  BluePlanner is able to deliver because of our 15 years’ worth of experience with clients in Consumer Goods, some of which are in dairy and/or have similar market characteristics. 

Says Grupo Lala about their experience with BluePlanner, “Being able to have automated, accurate and on-time tracking of promotion costs and performance has made a huge difference in our processes, increasing speed of delivery, efficiency, and the ability to learn the results of our trade promotions activity. The UpClear team and solution has been a great asset for our success and growth.”  

Looking to the Future 

UpClear is committed to a long-term collaboration as we support Lala’s navigation through this complex market and its distribution networks. Our local presence in Mexico City enables us to bring a best-in-class service with close proximity and understanding of the requirements of the local market. 

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