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In Season since 2008, UpClear features their historic relationship, working with King Arthur Baking Company.

Whether it’s the winter holidays, summer tarts, or even the upcoming Easter breads and cakes, whenever we tie our aprons and get ready to bake, it’s usually a King Arthur Baking Company product that we reach for.  It was around this time over a decade ago, that UpClear first began working with our first US client, King Arthur Baking Company. From their range of products, to being employee-owned, to their numerous initiatives on giving back, it is always a pleasure to collaborate with a mission-driven team and brand. 

Once Upon a Time, in the late 2000s… 

King Arthur Baking Company was UpClear’s first client in the United States.  

 “I remember the hard work that we had put into this RFP back in 2008, and the extraordinary feeling of winning our first US client.  We have come a long way since then, with 50+ clients in the US. It has been a great journey, and an honor to share it with such a great company as the King Arthur Baking Company.” – Thierry Soudee, UpClear.

The long-term collaboration has seen both companies grow significantly in their own fields.  

Aligned Focus on Mission & Impact 

One of UpClear’s core values is responsibility, where we consistently commit to improve our environmental and social impact.  

King Arthur Baking Company believes in the power of baking to make a difference for people and the planet, and continuously identifies ways to increase their commitment to sustainability.  

“We appreciate the long partnership we have enjoyed with UpClear .  As an employee-owned company and founding Certified B Corporation, we measure progress with a triple bottom line – people, planet, profit.  .” – Tony Bass, Vice President of Sales, King Arthur Baking Company

Both companies strive throughout the year to give back, whether its in the form of a report on Corporate Impact, or a Technology Give-Back Program, or a Bake for Good Program. There is one initiative in which both companies proudly take part focused on environmental impact.  Membership to the 1% for the Planet is a commitment that King Arthur Baking Company has maintained for years, and that UpClear will begin in 2021. This non-profit is made up of companies who each year commit 1% of their profits to causes benefitting the environment, creating a special team of corporations, dedicated to making sure the planet profits, as well as themselves.  

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