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Accelerating Growth: How BluePlanner TPM Empowers Eagle Food’s Expansion 

Company Background

UpClear has proudly worked with Eagle Family Foods Group LLC (“Eagle Foods”) since the company ventured out into the Consumer Goods space. Eagle Foods was first established in 2015 when a group of private equity backers, Kelso & Company, purchased the historic Eagle milk brand and quickly grew to become a major player within CPG, bringing in $200 million in annual revenue. 

By acquiring household brands in the snacks and meal prep categories like G.H. Cretors and Popcorn Indiana and, more recently, Helper and Suddenly Salads, Eagle Foods is home to brands that have been category leaders for over 150 years. UpClear’s BluePlanner TPM platform was used to support this growth for Eagle Foods throughout a period of acquisitions and scaling practices. 

The Flexibility of BluePlanner 

As Eagle Foods grew through these brand acquisitions, it was essential for UpClear’s BluePlanner TPM solution to easily incorporate new businesses as they were added to the portfolio. BluePlanner seamlessly adapted to the growing business, adding new product families, adjusting reporting to provide more insight, and allowing for flexible workflows to accommodate organizational changes. 

ERP Integration

Another key aspect of the project was the ability to integrate with Eagle Food’s Infor M3 Enterprise Resource Planning software. Once deployed, BluePlanner TPM was able to accommodate advanced planning, analysis, and promotions for new brands in Eagle Food’s portfolio. 

Infrastructure that Scales with Company’s Growth

As the company expanded, more data points, more users, and more calculations were added to the platform. It was crucial that the technology scaled too. UpClear’s BluePlanner infrastructure is able to adapt with growing sizing requirements as clients grow. For Eagle Foods this translated into upgrading to the Enterprise Isolated Infrastructure, providing dedicated hardware resource as Eagle Foods continues to expand their customer and product portfolio. 

Moving to BluePlanner-5 

Motivated to take advantage of the latest features, Eagle Foods transitioned to the BluePlanner-5 feature set, the latest version of our Revenue Growth Management SaaS platform. Eagle Foods was one of the first clients to take advantage of BluePlanner-5, and in doing so, benefited from the platform’s new, modernized user experience and enhanced Reporting and Analytics capabilities. BluePlanner-5 ensured faster access to actionable data for a better understanding of business performance. 

Managing Complex Routes to Market 

One of the BluePlanner-5 enhanced capabilities is the flexible management of Indirect Sales through Distributors. Some Retailers source their Eagle Foods products from multiple distributors, and the BluePLanner-5 platform helps manage Sales forecast roll-ups from Retailers to Distributors, and Actual Sales downstream allocations from Distributors to Retailers. This helps the demand planning processes and also provides visibility on the entire value chain, in particular the erosion of revenue throughout the distribution. 


UpClear is proud to partner with Eagle Foods and support their continued growth. We are excited for all the future holds for Eagle Foods and will continue to support their sales planning and trade spend management needs. 

“BluePlanner has enabled Eagle Foods to incorporate new additions to their business as the company has matured. And, we still have many other ways to leverage the capabilities of the platform. It has been a pleasure to watch Eagle Foods grow into a data and analytics-driven business.”

– Alex Botwinick, Client Success Manager, UpClear 

About UpClear 

UpClear makes software used by Consumer Goods brands to improve the management of sales & trade spending. Its BluePlanner platform is an integrated solution supporting Trade Promotion Management, Trade Promotion Optimization, Integrated Business Planning, and Revenue Growth Management.  

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