Established Brands

Reference Annual Revenue Range: Greater than $500M*


In this stage of growth, your brand(s) are nationally or internationally known.  Another significant business transformation tends to take place:  focus shifts from sales targets and spending budgets to customer profitability, a concept often referred to as Revenue Growth Management.  Other factors at “Established” brands include:

  • You may be acquiring brands
  • You could be managing a business that crosses national borders
  • Functional teams are highly-developed and specialized; cross-functional collaboration becomes the expectation
  • Deep focus on pricing, not just promotions, analytical requirements have never been higher
  • Profit-based decisions must be made about where/when to invest or cut trade spending


And, challenges never fully go away, they just evolve.

  • Integrating new organization or geography
  • Functional gaps in sales planning process
  • Systems don’t talk to one another
  • Information isn’t timely enough


For these needs BluePlanner brings big capabilities and services

  • “Enterprise” designation that begets a highly tailored solution
  • Configurable P&Ls
  • BluePlanner Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and Revenue Growth Management (RGM) services
  • Custom integrations, connections with third-party systems
  • Infrastructure packages that scale as you do
  • Advanced data scheduling options
  • Multi-market capabilities: territories (countries), currencies/conversion, languages
  • Proven, agile multi-market rollout methodology


UpClear delivers on nuanced requirements, sophisticated integration and security needs, and provide advanced infrastructure options.  And the BluePlanner difference is that this is all on a single, global platform.


*Don’t get too attached to this figure… company dynamics and needs vary due to many factors

Related Capabilities


Integrated Business Planning

Provides capabilities to support annual operating plan definition.

Learn About IBP


Revenue Growth Management

Facilitates advanced analysis by providing deeper insight into margin opportunities.

Learn About RGM


Trade Promotion Management

Supports annual planning, execution, and analysis of accounts.

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Trade Promotion Optimization

Augment TPM with added intelligence, simulations and reporting capabilities.

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Use Cases for Established Brands

Managing Customer Business Plans & Approvals

Forecasting Shipments

Creating The Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

Paying Bills and Managing Deductions

Controlling Trade Spending

Forecasting the Trade Spending Accrual

Facilitating Monthly Business Review Meetings

Monitoring Business Initiatives

Features for Established Brands

Customer data integration

Integration of customers, products, prices, shipments, and deductions from ERP via uploads, SFTP, or Integration Platform

POS & distributor data integration

Integration of point of sale data from syndicated data providers and retailers and/or distributor data via uploads, SFTP, or Integration Platform

Category analyses

Category analyses

Price increase modelling

Price increase modelling/analyses

Promotion analysis

Promotion analysis

Margin pool analyses

Margin pool analyses

Post Event Analysis

Specialized post event analysis dashboards/reports. Centralized access to actual promotion results.



Long Term Agreements


Payments & Deductions


Dashboard Analytics

Workflow Approvals

Business Rules & Alerts

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